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There is an amazing class kit provided for this course, at no extra cost.


Proper structure & Prep are the most important aspect of nails!

Are you comfortable with the following?

- apex

- c-curve

- pinching

- parallel sidewalls

- form application

- free edge thickness

If you said no to 1 or more of the above listed elements,

I encourage you to take this shaping class with us!

We cover the list above and so much more!!


What you will learn:

-Nail Prep

-Form Prep and Placement

-Proper Filing Techniques

-Proper Arch & Structure

-Free Edge Thickness

-Dealing with short and long nails

-Color Application

-C-Curve, Pinching Process

-Wrist Exercises

The amazing shapes you will be taught in this class is:





Online Salon Shaping Class

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