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Nail Essentials

We offer different essential products for you and your customers

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Lint Free Wipes

Lint-Free Wipes Cotton Wipes for Nails, High Quality

Ideal for nail preparation, nail polish and gel polish removal, nail prep and as a finishing cleanser wipe. Lint-free material cleans without leaving behind any fibers.


Soft, absorbent and sanitary.

Size: 6(L) ×4.3(W)cm
Material: Pure Cotton Non-woven Fabrics
Quantity: 540pcs in each pack
Made Of High Quality And Soft Cotton
Easy To Cleaning Nail Gel And Nail Polish
Perfect Tool For Professional & Home Using

99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Ingredients: Isopropanol 99%


Twist top for easy access with Air Brush & Dappen Dishes

Perfect for cleansing the nail and enhancements, for air brushing and alcohol inks

99 alcohol.jpg

Pure Acetone

Ingredients: 100% pure acetone (dimethyl ketone)


Twist top for easy access for Dappen Dishes and soak off wraps


Perfect for soaking off gel polish, soft gel nails, acrylic nails and removing nail polish.

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