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Knowing what your clients needs are is beyond important, this is also why doing a client consultation is so important.

Know your clients natural nails can change for so many reasons, so you should assess them often.

Things that can change the clients nails:

- Medication

- Trauma

- Hormones

- Diet

- Weather

Please keep in mind this is just a quick idea, there are so many factors.


There are so many primer options on the market, depending the brand you use they have have multiple options to pick from. You need to match the primer to your client.

acid free primer.jpg

Acid Free Primer:

Available in 15ml bottle

The acid-free innovative formula is developed as it does not injure the natural nail and guarantees protection from the layers.

Completely acid-free, adhesion-promoting liquid that does not dry completely remains a sticky layer.

Therefore, it should be applied thinly, because this sticky part will act as a double-sided adhesive between the nail plate and the material to be applied.

If more of the acid-free primer is applied, this sticky portion will be a little thicker so that the material that adheres to it will not stick to the nail plate, so separation may occur. Less is more!!


- Not Dehydrating

- Double Sided Tape

- Good for clients with dry brittle nails

- Protects the natural nail from Base

- Will not discolor



- Will not dehydrate nail if client requires it

- If to much is applied it can cause lifting

Acid Primer:

MAP (methacrylic acid primer) in a convenient pen format.


Ideal for problem lifters/ oily, moist nailbeds. 

Use as a primer with gel or acrylic.


BE VERY CAREFUL when using this product, start in the middle of the natural nail and let the primer disperse out to the edges, DO NOT touch the surrounding skin or cuticles at anytime with acid primer or nail tips, always be cautious.

For Professional use only


- Temporary Dehydrating

- Good for clients with "oily" nails (hyperhidrosis)

- Great for someone needing extra adhesion

- Less is more

- Original primer to the industry


- Drying out the nail to much

- Cause the products to lift if to much acid is applied

- Possibly of turning natural nail yellow

primer pen.jpg

Did you know Bases also matter…Rubber Base Coats also has acid in them.

Absolute Rubber Base is a low level acid base.

If your client has dried out nails do not use a acid based primer and rubber base. Use Acid Free Primer and Rubber Base for best adhesion.

If your client is a bad lifter (with perfect prep) try acid based primer.

Both types of primers have amazing benefits and we would recommend you have both at your desk.

Acid Primer is the original formula of the nail market and we often hate to come away from what we know best.

Acid Free primer is the newer kid on the block but again this change can make all the difference for some clients.

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