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Specialty Gels

Nail art is a ever growing world in this industry.

We create products to make nail art easier for everyone!

Check out some of the amazing options we offer

Crystal Gel

Introducing Absolute Crystal Gem Gel.


Do you love the bling, bling? We do!


We have created this amazing Crystal Gel to help you with all the bougie nails!


Long lasting and durable.


Medium viscosity of 3D Crystal Gel is perfect for securing small nail charms, Crystals and other small nail embellishments to your nail. 

  • Lasts for up to four weeks

  • 15ml Pot

  • Curing time: 60 sec LED and 2 min UV

  • Salon quality, Professional use only

  • Not tested on animals, 100% Vegan and free from any BSE Vectors

  • All Glycerin in our products is derived from vegetable extracts

2023-07-11 13-35-30.jpeg
spider gel.png

Spider Gel

Spider gel hits all the right notes for a nail art trend: it's fun, versatile, long-lasting, and easy to use.

This thick gel allows you to create perfectly straight lines for your nail art without stencils or specialized brushes. You can use this gel to create a variety of looks.

This is a highly requested product!

We have black & white.


These are perfect for Halloween just around the corner!


You can use spider gel for some many amazing techniques:





And so much more….


You can make your lines thin and thick with this formula.

pink spider.jpg

Blooming Gel

The perfect product for creating abstract designs, blood roses, marble, watercolor techniques and so much more.

The technique involves applying Blooming Gel translucent formula onto the nail before following with the colorful design of your choice, applied while the first layer is still wet. The result (very literally) creates a blooming effect as the color spreads and settles.

Easily create unique water color effects with this amazing gel product! Effortlessly blend, melt and bloom our Gel Polish, to great wild designs! 


Create marble, smoke, blooming flowers and more!


Cure time: 30 sec LED or 2 mins in UV

blooming gel.png
foil gel.jpg

Foil Gel

Foil Transfer Gel is the perfect companion to nail foils!

Our specially formulated gel transforms into a sticky layer after curing that will allow full cover transfer from nail foils.

Use it to transfer any foil paper designs, or plastic backing foils.



  • Apply your color, cure

  • Apply a thin layer of Absolute Foil Gel to the surface of the nail. 

  • Cure for 10-120 seconds in an LED light, or 2 minutes in a UV lamp. 

  • Apply the transfer foil to the surface of the nail. 

  • Rub gently to transfer the image.  Repeat as necessary.

  • Apply 2 layers of Top Coat to seal in the image.  


Trouble Shooting:

  • Gently swipe the back of your transfer foil with acetone or alcohol, 1 quick and gentle swipe is enough. 

  • When applying your foil to the nail, make sure you have the picture side facing you.

  • Rub the foil with pressure, even use a tapping motion for more stubborn foils.

  • If you find your foils peel at the free edge, make sure you file the edges before top coating, so the top coat as something gel to grab onto.  

Clear 3D Gel

The perfect product for creating unique 3D designs. Let your creativeness fly wild with this product.


It is so fun to work with, and come up with different designs.


You can use it as clear, add pigments, chrome etc. to it and create whatever you want!. 

Check out our Instagram to see different designs made with this super fun product.

When molding and mixing with 3D Clear Gel make sure you wear gloves, no gel product ever should be on the skin.

Cure for 60 secs in LED or 2 mins in UV lamp.

2023-06-30 17-23-06.jpeg

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