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Our tools are top quality, we work with the best of the best in the industry to make sure you have quality. One of the amazing companies we work with is Staleks.

flexi sc.jpg

Flexi Scissors

Flexi Scissors are a hybrid of nippers and standard manicure scissors. 

With Flexi Scissors, they work for left handed and right handed nail techs, one tool for everyone.

They have the perfect tiny, very sharp blade to help cut away cuticle. 

The curved blade, making it very easy to work your way around the cuticle area.  

Sharp so you are not "pulling" on the dead tissue.

So the amazing blade of scissors, but the similar handle to nippers. Making the transition so much easier.

Once you tries these, you will not go back.

  • Stainless Steel

Pinching Tool, Dual Ended

C-curve nail pinching tool is perfect for creating consistent, narrow and tapered C-curve nails in one easy step.

Length is perfect for short & long nails. You can use this tool for gel, polygel and acrylic nails.

Giving you even pressure on both sides to give you that perfect result.

Dual ended, for multi purpose. You can gently push back cuticle with the end.

You can also use it as a scoop for glitter, etc.

Making this the perfect multi tool, every tech needs at their desk.

  • Stainless Steel


Absolute Staleks Pro Expert 30 Type 4.2 Rounded Wide Pusher/Bent Blade PE-30/4.2

Are you looking for a high quality, thin cuticle pusher?


  • Rounded wide pusher, rounded blade.

  • Convenient blade inclination.

  • Larger pusher for wider nail plates.

  • Professional manual sharpening.

  • Recommended for both manicure and pedicure.

  • Burly non-slip handle for superb grip.

  • Additional corrosion resistance due to polishing with GOl grinding paste.

  • AISI 420 stainless steel.

Absolute Staleks Pro Smart 40 Type 3 Professional Cuticle Scissors SS-40/3

Are you looking for the perfect cuticle scissors?


  • Straight elongated handles

  • A new production technology, thanks to which the most narrow and strong blades are produced

  • The classic bending radius of the blades

  • Comfortable size and ergonomic shape of the rings

  • Comfortable silicone inserts on the handles, thanks to which the scissors are fixed in the hand and do not slip

  • Heat-resistant silicone on the rings can be sterilized and disinfected

  • Pleasant-to-touch matte surface of the handles


Mini Mandrel Bit

Introducing the Mini Mandrel Bit, the first-ever of its kind!


Experience precision like never before with this ultimate tool designed for nail techs who demand perfection.


Its unique 3.1mm size and innovative design enable unparalleled detailing and accuracy, allowing you to flawlessly work on small nail plates and prep the underside of Soft Gel Tips without compromising the side walls.


From intricate detailing to efficient nail prep, this exceptional tool delivers outstanding results, saving you time and effort while unlocking your creative potential. 


Color: Silver, NON-COATED


Mini Sanding Bands

Introducing revolutionary Mini Sanding Bands - the first sanding bands of their kind, designed to work seamlessly with our brand new 3.1mm Mini Mandrel Drill Bit.


These sanding bands cater to clients with smaller nail plates and provide optimal finesse when preparing the underside of soft gel tips or working on petite nails.


The Absolute Mini Sanding Bands come in three grits - 150, 180 & 240.


All grits are safe to use on the natural nails, these sanding bands maintain the same high quality and efficiency as regular-sized bands, designed to improve speed, quality, and precision in your nail work.

  • 100pc per box

  • Clear Plastic Care Case

  • Color Coded for Convenience 


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