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Made of high quality synthetic bristles to make this brush easy to control and give you the best results you want.


All brushes have amazing fitting caps, so your brushes are protected from dust, dirt, light and travel.


They are the most beautiful color so you can easily grab your brushes and display them at your desk.


The words are in white so you can easily read what brush you are grabbing.


They are synthetic hair. Making these brushes vegan.


Made with love & quality.

By Nail techs for Nail techs.

Sculpting Brush #6

Brush Length:

- Sculpting Brush #6 (7mm wide & 8mm long)

Sculpting brush.jpg
liner brush.jpg

Liner Brush

Brush Length:

- Liner Brush (11mm)

Detail Brush

Brush Length:

- Detailer Brush (5mm)

detail brush.jpg
ombre brush.jpg

Ombre Brush

Brush Length:

Ombre Brush (15mm)

Angle Brush

Brush Size:

Angle Brush (2mm wide)

angle brush.jpg
nail art brush.jpg

Nail Art Brush

Brush Size:

Nail Art Brush (2mm wide & 8mm long)

Striping Brush

Brush Size:

Striping Brush (20mm Long)

striping brush.jpg
watercolor brush.jpg

Watercolor Brush

(Pure Kolinsky)

Brush Size:

Brush comparison to help you decide what length is best for you or what art you are doing!

art brush com.jpg

Polygel Brush

Made of stainless steel and nylon fiber, it is durable enough for your daily using classic absolute multi color pen body, easy to hold and operate.


DUAL ENDED DESIGN: Designed to use with Polygel to sculpt nail extensions. 


Flat stainless steel tip is to pick up/ cut polygel from tube.​


Covers for both ends, keeping them protected.

polygel brush.jpg

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Shop brushes with our authorized distributors:

Atlantic Nail Supply (NL)

Apex Beauty Canada (NS)

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