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Everything Gel Paint

New Absolute Nail Art Paint


They are "Everything Gel Paint"

Why you may ask, because they do it all!

Colors available:

  • Karen (Yellow)

  • Slay (Black)

  • Ghosted (White)

  • SUS (Gray)

  • Bruh (Blue)

  • Bae (Purple)

  • Ratchet (Red)

  • Shook (Orange)

  • Spill the Tea (Green)

Flowers and Nails
Blue Nails on Green
Perfect Feet

Everything Gel Paints

Just some of the amazing things you can use our paints for:

  • Perfect for Color Mixing

  • Full Coverage Color

  • Stamping Single Layer

  • Stamping Multi Layer Designs

  • Swirls & Lines

  • One Stroke

  • Ombre

  • Character Painting

  • Color Blocking

  • Abstract

  • & Everything else you can think of!


They cure Tack Free, so when you apply them on top of your top coat for your finished design, you don't have to wipe!


Experience our highly pigmented gel paints, they apply like butter.


Smooth application, and self leveling.


Absolute is created with the Nail Tech in mind, whether you're a new nail tech or a veteran nail tech, you will love these gel paints. You can use them for manicures, on top of overlays, extensions and for pedicures.

  • Lasts for up to four weeks

  • Soak off

  • Special 5ml pot, color reference on top

  • Curing time: 30 sec LED and 2 min UV

  • Highly pigmented, 1-2 Coat coverage, Salon quality, Professional use only

  • Not tested on animals, 100% Vegan


Product images are shown for illustrative purposes only, actual product/color may vary slightly.

2023-07-03 12-31-46.jpeg

Fall Release 2022

- Basic B**** (Hot Pink)

- Yeet (Brown)

- Ghetto (Shimmer Gold)

- Spicy (Shimmer Bronze)

- Ice Queen (Shimmer Silver)

fall paints.jpg

Summer Release 2023

- Vibe Check

- Cheugy

- Bet

2023-07-07 13-20-32.jpeg

Shop Gel Paints

Shop gel paints with our authorized distributors:

Atlantic Nail Supply (NL)

Apex Beauty Canada (NS)

Enhanced Beauty Supply (SK)

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