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Absolute Education

Absolute Education is all about the students. You can take absolute education with you anywhere, located on the Atlantic Nail Supply App.

You can also take classes in person in our main academy center in St. John's NL, we also might be in an area near you, looking for training contact us, or see below for Educator contact details.


Absolute Education is all about learning the best, most up-to-date, industry safe information. Receiving the best student kits, and constant support. Absolute succeeds when you do!


New to Nails

Want to join this ever growing industry?


Our New to Nails Program will get you started off on the right foot, with consinitet help and support.

The New to Nails program is available at our education center in St. John's NL, Online so you can take the program anywhere at anytime, or from one of our Independent Educators.



  • 5 Day Course 

  • Small Group Sizes

  • Individual Attention 

  • Amazing Products 

  • Luxury Kit

  • App Access (See Below)

  • Full Certification

  • Payment Plans Available 

The best way to start your new career!

Cost: Please check with school or Educator

Kit Included in cost!

Kit Value: $1050 + taxes

Infection Control Program Included FREE with sign up!

This course is very detailed on all safety precautions for Sanitation and Disinfection.
We cover Covid-19 and so much more.

These products are accepted and recommend by Health Canada.

Which allows for the highest standards in your salon.

You learn about all the products, how to use them properly,
how to handle them, what they do for each service and tool and more!

Certification Included (After Quiz)

Our goal is to enable you, the student, to create beautiful nails in a hands-on and relaxed environment. 

You will learn the latest application techniques. 

The importance of attitude and atmosphere, and the latest in Nail Art Trends. You will learn the art of

What you learn:
- Soak off gel polish manicures
- Overlays
- Nail Anatomy
- Nail Disorder
- Sanitation
- Disinfection
- Removals
- Form Application
- Sculpting application
- Nail Shapes
- Full color application
- French style
- How to rebalance a nail
- How to market yourself
- Pricing
- How to create a Facebook Page
- Boost posts
- Take and edit pictures.
- & So much more!

You work on fellow students, models and yourself.

You will be required to complete homework, class quiz, test, final written exam, final model exam, and a min # of sets to complete your certification.


In our classes we use all Absolute Gel System !

Absolute Gel System is being enjoyed by many of your fellow nail artists and salon owners

And most importantly, you will be guided in your journey to becoming a nail technician with a long and happy career. 

Classes are taught by our top-notch industry-active instructors.


Your success is our success. 

Absolute creates high quality professional products, it is created for all nail techs, to make your job easier, and make your business successful!

Created for professional nail techs, by nail techs.

We continually mentor our students even after you graduate, you are never alone in this new journey.

App Access:

You get full access to the New to Nails Course on the Atlantic Nail Supply App.

You have one year from the start date to complete the program, but you get life time access to a very in-depth program, hours of information, step-by-steps, videos, nail art videos and so much more. 

Updated regularly to stay the most up-to-date, with this ever growing industry. 

The app goes hand in hand with your in classroom learning, the great thing about having access to the app is, you can at anytime refer back to it for guidance, if you are not understanding something you can re-watch or read about it over and over again.


This program from start to finish is built for your success!

We make sure you have all the tools to be successful in the nail industry, whether your working for yourself, renting a suite, or working for a company!

In the app you will find such categories as the following:

  • About

  • Homework

  • The Perfect Start

  • Thermology

  • Safe Work

  • Basic Chem

  • What is Gel

  • Workspace

  • Ergonomics

  • Products

  • Equipment

  • Files & Buffers

  • Implements

  • Disinfection

  • Nail & Skin Diseases

  • Customer Service

  • Anatomy

  • Nail Prep

  • Gel Polish Manicure

  • Natural Nail Overlay

  • Sculpted Structure

  • How to use Forms

  • Pinching Techniques

  • Sculpting Theory

  • Filing Techniques

  • Perfect Square Nails

  • How to do a Rebalance

  • Proper Removal

  • Nail Aftercare

  • Who to work for!

  • Salon Management

  • Starting your Business

  • Customer Relationships

  • Managing Costs

  • Record Keeping

  • Next Level Service

  • Social Media

  • Photo Taking

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Color Theory

  • Nail Art     


Student Kit Details

Kit Value $1050 + taxes


  • 30g Charming Pink

  • 30g Pink Essence

  • 30g Perfect Builder

  • 30g Flawless Builder

  • Rubber Base Coat

  • Steel Top Coat

  • Matte Top Coat

  • Black Gel Polish

  • White Gel Polish

  • (2) Seasonal Cream Gel Polishes

  • (2) Seasonal Sparkle Gel Polishes

  • 1 Everything Gel Paint



  • Builder Brush

  • Liner Brush

  • Detail Brush


Extra Essentials:

  • Roll of Forms

  • Primer Pen

  • Lint Free Wipes

  • Dust Brush

  • 25 pcs Nail Files

  • 25 pcs Buffers

  • Wubbies

  • 99% Alcohol

  • Absolute 10ml Cuticle Oil

  • 60ml Absolute Hand Lotion

  • 15ml Hand Sanitizer

  • 25 Pack of Nail Swatches

  • Absolute Black Tote Bag



  • Form Scissors

  • Cuticle Pusher

  • Cuticle Nippers

  • Pinching Tool

  • Cuticle Scissors


PREempt Kit:

  • Disinfectant Tray & Sticker

  • PREempt CS20

  • PREempt RTU with Trigger Spray

  • Marketing Materials



  • LED Desk Lamp

  • Absolute Rechargeable UV/LED Nail Lamp (Random Color)


Class Materials:

  • Student Handbook

  • Pen

  • Certification- 8 x 10 wooden plaque (on completion of course)

  • PREempt Certificate


**Kits may be different then listed above, this is just a great outline of what you can expect to receive, kit contents & Prices subject to change without notice**


Payment Plans Available!

Payment Plans may be available for all courses, depending where you are looking to take your program.


With Absolute Gel System:

Payment plans are setup through Sezzle for easy and secure payments.

You can pick this option at checkout.


In Person Training at Atlantic Nail Supply:

This course includes 5 days of training that start at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm. 

You will be required to have 1 model for Day 3 & Day 4 and another model for your final exam 6-8 weeks after your last class.

You will be required to complete homework, class quiz, test, final written exam, final model exam, and a min # of sets to complete your certification.


Advanced Education

Here at Absolute Gel System, we believe continuing education is the key to success.

This amazing industry changes so quickly and often, it is impossible for one to know it all, so this is why here at Absolute we continue our education around the world as much as possible so we can bring it back to our students, to help them grow!

...Sky is the limit with skills and talent...

Advanced Classes

Here is where you will find a list of advanced classes, so are available on the App, Online, at our Education Center, or with your independent Educator Locally.


  • Salon Shaping

  • Russian Manicure

  • Easy Ombre

  • Mastering Reverse French

  • Baby Boomer

  • E-File

  • One Stroke

  • Swirls & Lines

  • Switch-Over

  • The Art of Full Coverage Soft Gel

  • Speed Efficiency

  • Watercolor

  • Crystal Nail Academy

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