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We offer top of the line equipment, test with our products, used in salons and spa

We have tested these for almost a year before we released them.

Made to order by our partnered company, serviced in Newfoundland

Pro Portable
2-in-1 Mini Lamp
with Sensor

Comes with 1 year limited warranty

These little lamps are amazing for soft gel tips, nail art & more

Available in 2 colors:

- Black

- White


- Touch Sensor
- Handheld Design
- Wavelength 365nm - 405nm

- 9W High Power
- 30-60 seconds
- Digital Display
- 360° Adjustable
- Rechargeable
- Up to 10 hours of working time

in box:

- Mini Handheld lamp

- Stand

- USB C Charger

mini lamp.jpg

Hybrid Pro LED Rechargeable Nail Lamp

Comes with 1 year limited warranty


These lamps are amazing.


  • Power: 96W

  • Large Dual Battery (12 hrs of battery life, when cordless)

  • Hybrid Dual UV+LED Curing Technology

  • Silent Lamp

  • Deep Base

  • Handle for easy carrying

  • Power Switch on back

  • 42pcs of LED bulbs that features 365-405nm wavelengths

  • Cordless & Rechargeable Power System

  • Motion Sensor

  • Removable stainless steel tray, great for pedicures & easy cleaning

  • Reflective Base for enhanced curing

  • LCD Display Timer with Countdown & Battery Life

  • Multiple timer function 10s, 30s, 60s, & 90s low heat mode

efile pic.png

Pro Portable 35k E-File

Comes with 1 year limited warranty


They can also service at Atlantic Nail Supply

These E-Files are amazing.


  • RPMs 0-35,000 (Speed Control Dial)

  • Power Rating: 85W

  • Forward & Reverse

  • Quiet & Smooth Operation

  • Ergonomically Hand Piece

  • Charge lasts 8-10 working hours

  • Comes with 6 Professional Bits with Case

  • Locking & Unlock Chuck

  • LCD Display Screen for speed, direction & battery life

  • 3 Core Socket

  • Hand-piece Holder

  • Belt Clip that also hold bits

  • Handle Sleeve

  • Hand-piece Table Base

  • Smart Desktop Charging Base

  • Acetone Resistant Finish

  • Compact & Light weight

black efile.jpg
white efile.jpg
black lamp.jpg
white lamp.jpg

In Neutral Colors 



In New Colors 


lilac purple lamp.jpg
lilac purple efile.jpg

1 Year Limited Warranty

All Absolute E-files & Hybrid Lamps come with a one year manufacturer's limited warranty. 

Thank you very much for purchasing our products. In order to provide you more satisfied service and better protect your rights, please carefully read the policies and proper preservation of your warranty.


Manufacturer's Limited Warranty:


  • Absolute will not accept used products for return or exchange unless there is a manufactured defect with the item in question.

When purchasing Absolute Equipment from an Absolute Authorized Distributor 


When it is not covered:

  1. Damage to the product caused by the installation or use not following the manual instructions

  2. Products exceed the 1 year warranty

  3. Human behavior causes damage to the product

  4. If the problem arises due to personal use, such as dirt/destruction and unauthorized removal/modify/repair etc. are not within the scope of the after-sales service.

  5. If you drop the product and it breaks this will not count under warranty 

  6. If you have not had your equipment serviced within 6-8 months, this could also void your warranty


  • To send replacement equipment to customer, or/and to send back broken equipment to distributor, the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

  • To maintain warranty on E-Files you are required to have them serviced every 6-8 months.

  • As a reminder; due to cold temperatures below freezing do not open products for 6-12 hours so they can warm to room temperature. Items opened when still frozen will not be covered under warranty.


For Models:

Absolute Hybrid LED Pro Lamp, Absolute 35K Pro Portable E-File

1 year limited.jpg

Extended Warranty

Get peace of mind and extended your coverage even further with a Absolute Extended Warranty and Protection Plan. This extended coverage is the best protection plan in the industry because it goes above and beyond the manufacturer's Limited Warranty. 


You have 10 days from the original purchase date of equipment to add on extended warranty.


 Purchase Extended Warranty: 

1 Year, 2 Year & 3 Year Extended Warranty Covers:

Coverage includes any potential manufacturer's defect as well as the necessary annual service to repair your Handpiece.


In the event of an accidental damage... It's Covered! 

  • Dropped Handpiece or Lamp, It's Covered! 

  • Liquid Spills on Handpiece or Lamp, It's Covered!

  • We cover accidents, no questions asked, It's Covered!


Protection even from everyday normal use ... It's Covered!

  • Should a broken bit get stuck in Handpiece, It's Covered!

  • Clean bearings when they are full of powder or gel, It's Covered!

  • Worn down or defective brushes, It's Covered!

  • Electrical short in power cord, It's Covered!

  • Liquid or condensation inside nose cone or collet, It's Covered!

  • Vibrations or overheating, It's Covered!

For Models:

Absolute Hybrid LED Pro Lamp, Absolute 35K Pro Portable E-File

Extended Warranty

You can purchase extended warranty through our website, located under the shop button.

Compare Warranty:

Compare Warranty:


Need a loaner of an E-File or Lamp, while yours is being serviced/replaced/or fixed:

1 Year Limited/Extended Warranty: $20 a week

2 Year Extended Warranty: No Fee, Covered

3 Year Extended Warranty: No Fee, Covered


Need to ship an E-File or Lamp back to distributor or receive equipment from distributor:

1 Year Limited/Extended Warranty: Customers Pay Fees

2 Year Extended Warranty: No Fee, Covered

3 Year Extended Warranty: No Fee, Covered


E-File Service:

1 Year Limited/No Warranty: $30 Per Cleaning Service, (if requires new parts due to customer damage, customer pays for parts)

1 Year Extended Warranty: $15 Per Cleaning Service (if requires new parts due to customer damage, this is covered in warranty)

2 Year Extended Warranty: No Fee, Covered (1 Services Per Year, parts etc.. included)

3 Year Extended Warranty: No Fee, Covered (2 Services Per Year, parts etc.. included)


*How often should I service my Handpiece? 

  •  For average users (30-40 hours a week) once every 6-8 months.                     

  •  For heavy users (40+ hours per week) once every 6 months.


NO Promo codes on Extended Warranties.

Shop Lamps & E-Files

Shop lamps & E-files with our authorized distributors:

Atlantic Nail Supply (NL)

Apex Beauty Canada (NS)

Enhanced Beauty Supply (SK)

Pro Portable Airbrush

This portable airbrush is our new item and as always, we took our time selecting and perfecting the best one for us, testing over 1 dozen samples of similar style compressors from few manufacturers.


We believe that we have found the best combination of features, quality, and price.

  • High-pressure Pro Portable Airbrush gun for nails.

  • Small and portable for easy use.

  • Use anytime and anywhere

  • Double action trigger, for easy control

  • Adjustable spray, for small and large areas

  • Working time: 1hr

  • Charge time: 1 ½ hrs 

  • Lightweight for comfortable work and easy travel

  • On & Off button


With the Pro Portable Airbrush, you will be able to do ombre nails in minutes; as well, do abstract designs, layered designs, French nails, babyboomer, and stencil designs.

This is the fastest, flawless way to create stunning ombre nails.

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