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Absolute Gel Syetem

Specialty Nail Art Items

We are all about being innovative and bringing you what is needed in the industry, as well as popular and trendy without ever compromising health and safety!

Check out what we have to offer.

watercolor set.jpg

Deluxe Water Color Palette

Hand mulled watercolor pigments made with natural mica and pigment. Use this colorful palette to add vibrant, metallic texture and pearlescent shimmers to your nail design, it's perfect for creating natural stone nails and marble nails.


  • Soften the pigments with a brush dipped in water.

  • Use brush to apply pigments over matte nail surface for best results.

  • Let air dry and seal with gel top coat. 


What's included:

  • 36 Solid Colors

  • 12 Metallic Colors

  • Absolute Pure Kolinsky Water color brush

  • Color Swatch Card

  • Removable Tray

  • 2 Sponges

Ingredients: Mica, Gum Arabic.
*Colors might differ slightly due to batch variations.

Alcohol Inks

Available in 21 colors

Highly pigmented colors

15ml Bottles



  • Blues

  • Purples

  • Browns

  • White

  • Black

  • Greens

  • Reds

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Pinks


Easily add extra flair to your nail art AND the possibility of designs is ENDLESS!!!

Due to the high pigment you only need the slightest drop of our alcohol inks which means your product will last.

To spread alcohol ink you need to mix it will Isopropyl Alcohol.

Ensure you always store the alcohol ink bottles upright with the lids secured tightly.

Alcohol Ink needs to completely air dry before applying Top Coat or it will contaminate your Top Coat or spoil your design.

alcohol ink.jpg
art acrylic.jpg

Art Acrylic

Clear ultra fine Acrylic Powder

Perfect for creating textured nails. 

Sweater nails, snow flakes, flowers etc. 

You can apply over a top coat nail or under.

Mystical Liquid
(Liquid Chrome)

15ml Bottles

4 Color’s:

• Orion

• Andromeda

• Calypso

• Aurora

Mystical Liquid changes depending the background you apply it to.

Amazing for an overall chrome effect, or apply it to your design to bring it to the next level.

How to use:

  • Apply 3 layers of liquid

  • Allow to dry

  • Rub into nail

  • Top Coat

liquid chrome.jpg

Sticker Mats

Meet our sticker mats, they are available in salon length & XL length. ​We currently have our Halloween/Christmas Mat.​


- Double sided

- Reusable

- Popular characters & designs

- Color wheel & theory right on mat

- Color palette on mat​​

These mats are perfect for beginners & advanced.

If you struggle with nail art this is easy as a coloring book.

You can play with these in so many ways, you can do as much or as little detail as you please.

You can play with so many different colors, to change the looks.

Pre-make stickers before appointments so you can save time during your actual appointment times. Work smarter & not harder.

Big BONUS! You can move the mat in all directions to make it easier to paint, we don't have this option with clients hands & nails.

Make sure you charge extra $$ for customized stickers.

Your options are endless but most importantly have fun with it.


Easy Ombre

5g Bottles

Easy Ombre Spray is the perfect alternative to the airbrush. Receive that stunning ombre blend with just an easy spray.

  • No mixing required

  • No extra machinery

  • No harsh chemicals

  • 85% less mess (powder does get on area in which it is sprayed)


How to use:

  1. Apply Background color, Cure

  2. Apply top coat of choice (Tac it!), do not cure

  3. Spray, Ombre Spray into top coat, cure

  4. if you want color to be more "intense, brighter, etc." repeat steps 2 & 3

  5. Once happy and cured, apply top coat to finish off nail


Ombre Spray is available in different colors, we do release limited edition colors from time to time as well, as well as seasonal colors. With so many color options you can get the perfect French Fade, Black to Burgundy fade, and so much more. The options are endless, you get to create all day!

10 Main Line Color’s:

  • Light Blue

  • Light Pink

  • Red

  • Hot Pink

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Neon Green

  • Blue

  • Black

  • White


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