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Want Acrylic + Gel, meet Absolute Polygel.

The best of both!


Yes, it is HEMA Free.

!!No Heat Spike!!

Available in 60g tubes.


Currently in 2 nude colors, 1 clear and 1 soft white

Cures in 60 second LED & 2 minutes in UV

Easy to use and mold for the perfect nails, can be used with tips, forms & dual forms.

2024-05-17 16-40-17.jpeg

Polygel making nails easier!

Want to make the perfect baby boomer/french fade?

Want to do a stunning, easy reverse french?


Want flexibility plus extreme strength?

Want a product that stays right where you put it, you are in full control?

If you said yes to any one of the above questions, then try polygel today!

What makes it special?
  • More Flexible Than Acrylics

  • Lightest Enhancement Ever

  • Stronger Than Hard Gels

  • Unlimited Playtime

  • No Airborne Dust

  • No Chasing

palette side 1 - Copy (3).jpg

Au Naturel

Color: Clear

Cure: 60 sec LED, 2 minutes UV

Size: 60g

Bare White

Color: Soft White

Cure: 60 sec LED, 2 minutes UV

Size: 60g



Color: Soft Pink

Cure: 60 sec LED, 2 minutes UV

Size: 60g


Color: Deeper Pink

Cure: 60 sec LED, 2 minutes UV

Size: 60g

2024-05-25 18-36-29.png

In The Buff

Color: Nude

Cure: 60 sec LED, 2 minutes UV

Size: 60g

Stark Naked

Color: Rose Pink

Cure: 60 sec LED, 2 minutes UV

Size: 60g

2024-05-25 18-36-55.png

Polygel is an all-in-one formula for the perfect working consistency. No monomer, no odors, no mixing, no ratios.


The formula allows you to work as fast or as long as you want.


Tube dispensing allows you to use just what you need for no wasted product.


Formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability and no odor.

polygel brush.jpg

Polygel Brush

Made of stainless steel and nylon fiber, it is durable enough for your daily using
classic absolute multi color pen body, easy to hold and operate

DUAL ENDED DESIGN: Designed to use with Polygel to sculpt nail extensions.


Flat stainless steel tip is to pick up/ cut polygel from tube.

Covers for both ends, keeping them protected.

Dual Forms

Shapes: Coffin & Almond

Sizes 0-11

120 pc in a box

Dual forms were specifically made to be used with polygel. The goal is to form the perfect nail inside of the form that can be placed on top of the natural nail, providing a smooth nail that requires minimal extra filing.

After curing, you pop off the form to reveal the nail. Dual forms are typically made of plastic and look like full cover nails.

They can be used more than once which can make it more cost-effective to use dual forms.

They usually come in a box that separate all the different sizes. While there are a wide range of sizes for dual forms and shapes, please keep in mind they may not work for everyone.

dual forms.jpg


2024-05-01 16-25-47.jpeg
dual form clips.jpg

Polygel Dual Form Clips

Pk of 5 Clips

Use these clips to secure the dual forms to the finger when using the light and smoothing the gel on the underside of the form.

Clear plastic for optimal curing

Shop Polygel

Shop polygel with our authorized distributors:

Atlantic Nail Supply (NL)

Apex Beauty Canada (NS)

Enhanced Beauty Supply (SK)

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