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Perfect Forms

  • 300 pc Roll

  • Bat Wings Pre Cut

  • Sidewall Cut Guides 

  • Extended Hyponychium Cut Guide

  • Multi Shape Guides

  • Reflective Paper

  • Strong Adhesive 

  • Easy to Read

Perfect Form

The one form that can do it all!

1.    Forms are created in the butterfly shape

2.    Reflective Foil Paper

  • For enhanced gel curing

3.    Adhesion Glue

  • They will never open up in the lamp as they have a strong adhesion glue

4.    Enhanced Markings

  • The most amazing element of the forms is the enhanced markings on them.

  • Printed guidelines that can be used for sculpting any nail shape

  • Marks are clear and easy to read

5.    Cut Outs

  • Guidelines for cut outs, in just a few easy steps you can modify these forms to give you the perfect fit on vertically any free edge nail shape.

perfect form.jpg
dual forms.jpg

Dual Forms

Shapes: Coffin & Almond

Sizes 0-11

120 pc in a box


​Dual forms were specifically made to be used with polygel.

The goal is to form the perfect nail inside of the form that can be placed on top of the natural nail,

providing a smooth nail that requires minimal extra filing.​


After curing, you pop off the form to reveal the nail.

Dual forms are typically made of plastic and look like full cover nails.​

They can be used more than once which can make it more cost-effective to use dual forms.​

They usually come in a box that separate all the different sizes.


While there are a wide range of sizes for dual forms and shapes, please keep in mind they may not work for everyone.

Shop Forms & Dual Forms

Shop forms & dual forms with our authorized distributors:

Atlantic Nail Supply (NL)

Apex Beauty Canada (NS)

Enhanced Beauty Supply (SK)

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