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Gel Polish

We are converting over our gel polishes to be HEMA Free, to better suit the market with allergies.

This is happening as we change formula and make sure you are still receiving the same beautiful and high quality product you have received in the past.

To see what colors we have currently switched over to HEMA Free, check back here, or on our distributors website, the photo states it is HEMA Free.

Lab Experiments


It takes time for us to convert our current colors over to HEMA Free, as we have changed the chemistry to remove the HEMA from these products.


Our colors need to go through lots of testing before being re-released from original formula to new.


We test quality, coverage, wear, viscosity etc. 

We will only release the best we can.

What else is HEMA Free?

We actually have a wide range of HEMA Free products besides the new and improved gel polishes.

We have:

- Hard Gel Builder

- Polygel

- Universal Soak off Builder

- Everything Gel Paints


HEMA Free Gel Polish Gallery

Below is a current photo list of available HEMA Free Gel Polish

Shop HEMA Free Gel Polish

Shop HEMA Free gel polish with our authorized distributors:

Atlantic Nail Supply (NL)

Apex Beauty Canada (NS)

Enhanced Beauty Supply (SK)

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